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2014 CrossFit Open

One Athlete, One Box, One Dream…The CrossFit Games 2014.


What is the OPEN?  

The open is a 5 week competition with athletes competing from around the world. You will have an opportunity to see where you rank in the world, the US, the Mid-Atlantic Region and at Apex as an athlete.

How does the Open work?  

You will have 4 days to complete a specific WOD created by CF HQ. The first WOD will be released at 8pm on Thursday, Februrary 27th and every Thursday for each if the five weeks. The WOD will be released with specific movements/standards, weights, reps and time domain. 


Will the CF Open cost me anything?  

Yes, if you want to be eligible for regionals or the Apex Team. The cost is $20 

 You must sign up for the open , click here

When will I have an opportunity to perform the Open WODs?  

Apex does it’s best to create a competition atmosphere every Friday night of the Open. We call it “FRIDAY NIGHTS LIGHTS”. If you are NOT satisfied with the score you earn on Friday Night, you will have an opportunity to redo the WOD at Apex on Sunday during Open gym. If you can not make it either of those times, please contact a trainer and let them know your situation.  

What is Friday Nights Lights?  

All of Apex Nation is encouraged to come out to compete and/or cheer on the athletes that that are participating in the Open WODs. Everyone will have an opportunity to perform the WOD, judge another athlete, cheer on fellow athletes and create the most ENCOURAGING atmosphere possible! 

Can I still perform the Open WOD even if I do not sign up for the Open?  

Yes, Apex will make the Open WOD on their Friday WOD.  

Why should I sign up for the open?  

Let’s think about what crossfit is and why you crossfit 

CrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.  Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything. So let’s take that body for a test run and trust me there is no better place to test run it than in the OPEN.  


One Athlete, One Box, One Dream…The CrossFit Games 2014. 


Let the leaderboarding begin! 


For those of you that have had the privilege of participating in any type of competition within your life: Football, Lacrosse, Baseball, Band, Rugby, CrossFit, or a Spelling Bee. There’s something about competing under the lights that brings out the best in an athlete! CrossFit Apex will be hosting the Open WOD’s on Friday nights under the lights! 

What's the Open going to look like at Apex?
For those of you new to the sport of fitness, CrossFit has provided all of its athletes with an opportunity to prove themselves in a worldwide competition, this competition will start on Feb 27, 2014 and will consist of one workout each week for five weeks. This is the first step of reaching the CrossFit Games. Be sure to read the new rules and regulations for 2014 on the CF Games page. 


-     Friday night lights will be held each Friday during the Open season (2/28/14 - April 7) and will be open to Apex Members who are competing in the Open. We encourage all members to come out and support the athletes competing in the open, we want to fill the box with the energy and atmosphere of competition. 

-     The Open WOD will be Apex's scheduled WOD for all Friday classes during the Open Season.  


-     Friday Night Lights will begin at 5:30 pm, athletes competing need to be warmed up and ready to go. First heats will go off by 6:00 pm. You are on your own to warm up. (Ask trainers for suggestions if needed.) Depending on the open wod length for each week, we may vary the number of heats we will run.  If you are unable to attend the 5:30 pm evening class you will have the opportunity to complete the open wod at 9am with a judge and have it count toward the Open, however the 5:30pm class is highly recommended if you can make it.


-     Each open competitor will NEED a judge, NEED your score validated and if you are regional or team bound you must video every WOD. Apex will need judges and volunteers to assist in FNL. Sign up and complete the Online Judging Course if your interested. If you have passed your online course please sign your name on clipboard at Apex. We encourage all Apex athletes who are participating in the Open to take the Online course. The test will also help you with seeing movement as well as understanding your own movement during CrossFit Wods.  


-     If you are not signed up for the open and would still like to experience the Open WOD’s, we will encourage you at attend the 9 or 5:30 class on Friday’s. Spectators are also welcome. 

-     Following most FNL we will keep the lights on for hang out time.  Feel free to stay and socialize with your fellow crossfitters. BYOB, BYOchairBYOsnacks. Stay, hang out and reflect on your workout, leaderboards and chat with others. Stay tuned for more details on what nights we will be hanging. Plan a fun kickoff our first Friday for sure! 


-     Junior Apex athletes we have not forgotten about you! We will give you the opportunity to compete in an Open Wod competition among your fellow Apex Juniors. You will participate in a scaled version of the weekly Open Wod and be ranked using a leaderboard. We will run the Open Wod on Friday and Monday during the normal Junior class times. If you complete the wod on Friday and attend class again Monday we will take your best score from both days. Tuesday thru Thursday will be regular programmed Apex Wod's. Figure out your schedule and don't miss class through the five weeks of Feb 28- Aug7. 


-     If after reading all of this you have the urge to get on board and participate with the other 100,000 crossfitters worldwide with the most fun you'll have for the next 5 weeks then Sign up Now! click here and choose CrossFit Apex as your affiliate. 

What's the Deal with the Open
Shared from the CrossFit Games Page "LesreallyisMore.blogspot.com"

There's been some chatter at the box lately about this Crossfit Open thing... As much as we all talk about it, I think there are still some people wondering "What's the deal with the open!?"

Those of us who have participated are SUPER, almost excessively, ridiculously excited about it. I feel like some newer members and those who have not yet participated maybe are afraid to knock it out loud for fear of getting an earful of Crossfit Crazy thrown at the them... But I have heard some honest conversation about why so and so doesn't want to register, and it's $20 and yadda, yadda, yadda... blah, blah, blah. The truth is that EVERYONE should register for the open.

So I am going to tell you why the Open is important to me in the hopes that maybe you will relate and see its value and decide for yourself to get in the game. 

Things to keep in mind:

1) You WILL be doing the Open WODs.  Thursday night is "The NIGHT" but so is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (At Apex it will be Friday Night) As I recall, as part of Crossfit Manayunk, whether you officially "sign up for the Open" or not, you WILL do the WOD. So might as well sign up:)

2) Participating in the Open is NOT about competing in the "Games." What I mean is that "I am not trying to go the Games" is NOT a valid reason to not sign up for the Open. Last year, over 70,000 people participated in the Open and 490 people competed at the Crossfit Games as individuals, teams, and masters. That means 0.7% of Crossfit Open Athletes GO to the games and MAYBE 3%-5% actually have a chance of making it that far! The Open is for the WHOLE Crossfit community and that includes you.

In my opinion, the Open is five beautiful weeks of opportunity... It's the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It's an opportunity to learn, to grow as an athlete and as a person.  And isn't that why you Crossfit?! To become a better athlete and/or person!? The Open is an opportunity to participate in something BIG... and big events create big moments...