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Summer Kick Off of In House Competitions

2014 Bar Wars

Apex’s 1st Bar Wars an in house Olympic Lifting Competition  

When: June 13th

Time: 6:30pm (Plan on arriving early to loosen up and decide on your starting weights)

Who: Anyone at Apex, No experience needed. If a non-apex member would like to participate they must have completed an ABC session.

What: Each participant will be set in weight class. Men 165 and under, 166-195, 196 and above, Women 130 and under, 131-150, 151 and above. All athletes will weigh in the evening of the event. Each participant will perform 3 lifts on the snatch and 3 lifts on the clean and jerk. All participants will declare a starting weight on both their snatch and their clean and jerk prior to taking the platform for their first lift. You may not go for a lift below your 1st chosen weight. You will then get 2 more lifts your choice as long as it is above your declared starting weight. Athletes will be scored on their total of their snatch and clean and jerk.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top finisher in each weight class and gender.

Cost: $20

Triple Threat Rumble

Triple Threat Rumble 

When: June 14th

Time: 9am

Who: All Apex members (young and wise)

What: Each team will consist of 3 members of Apex. Each team of 3 members will participate in multiple wods 3+ on the day. Each team is required to have atleast one male and one female. Divisions will be ages 38 and above or 37 and below. If you have a member on your team that is below 37 you will automatically be competing in the 37 and below division. Each team is responsible for designing and or creating their own attire/uniform and coming up with a team name. 

Prizes: Top Division Winners 38 and above, and 37 and below. Spirit of the Rumble- there will be a prize awarded to best team name/ uniform of the competition.

Cost: $75 per team ($25 per person)