Specialty Classes


These classes are implemented not in place of but in conjunction with our daily programmed Apex Wods. We want to continue to adding strength to our lifts. In addition to daily wods we feel that athletes can see larger gains in their overall workouts and max lifts by adding more strength to some of the basic powerlifts. For example by improving a front squat your Fran time should drop because your thrusters will be more efficient.

In these APEX strength classes you will work the deadlift, front squat, back squat, bench press and jerk. We will work for our baseline max along with lifting heavy for short reps, and lifting medium for volume. Each person will have their choice of rep schemes along with some guidance from trainers. Each week will be continuous practice with these fundamental lifts along with adding band work and dynamic strength movements such as sleds and creative jumping skills and drills. You must sign up for these classes prior to the start of each session beginning. Once the program has started you must wait until the start of the next Apex strength session.

The prerequisite for APEX Strength is that you must already be a current CrossFit Apex member. This class is intended to increase our members strength in each of the fundamental lifts therefore we expect that each member has a solid foundation for each of these movements prior to joining. Please email crossfitapex@yahoo.com  to reserve a spot in the next session or to inquire with any questions.

CrossFit Apex Endurance CLASSES

The session will include an individual gait analysis, running drills to improve technique, mobility geared to enhance performance and running Endurance WODs (intervals, tempo runs, tabata, on the minute, and time trials). Traditional endurance training has always put an emphasis on volume calling for high miles with little to no focus on intensity and technique.  This old school protocol leads to many types of injuries, over training  and a plateau in performance. It’s like trying to improve your snatch by repeating it 500 times at low intensity with zero regard to form. With the CFE training method, standard Crossfit principles are applied by putting technique first, intensity second, and volume last.  This provides a safer and more effective way to substantially increase speed, power, vo2 max, and lactate threshold. It’s also a lot more fun!

CrossFit Apex Swimming CLASSES

More info coming

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