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Scott Giuliano

How and when did you start CrossFitting? 

Started crossfit in high school as preseason training for baseball, but began doing it daily about 3 years ago. 

 How long you've been at CrossFit Apex? 

Started here and have been here ever since!

 What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up around 6:15 and leave for my student teaching job in New Hope by 6:45. After teaching from 8-3, I get home by 4:15 just in time to change and have a quick dinner. I'll get to Apex by 5 to workout/sign people in, and try to be out by 9. 

 Favorite lift or exercise: 

Anything with a barbell and handstand push-ups.

 Least favorite lift or exercise:

Without question, ring muscle-ups!! Or anything that rips my hands

 Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  

Starting crossfit and graduating college in May (hopefully)! I am not the type of person that likes to step out of my comfort zone (not knowing anyone, learning something new), but it has been the greatest decision of my life. I started as a way to get in shape, but the people I have met at Apex that I now consider family far outweigh any accomplishment/PR I can ever get. 

What are some of your future goals?

Find a teaching job in a good school district nearby so I can keep training at Apex! (nothing too special or wild)

 Favorite Apex memory:   

The Open, Christmas party, and in-house comps are always a good time, but I don't know if I have one in particular. Any event that brings everyone together is always a good time and something I look forward to.

 If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of advice you would give them on their first day?

At my fundamental many years ago, Josh told us to set a goal that had nothing to do with crossfit (be a better parent, find a girlfriend, get closer with your family). He told us that if we stuck with it and trusted the process, crossfit had a way of getting you to achieve those goals. I was skeptical and although the finding a girlfriend thing still hasn't materialized, he was absolutely right! If you open up, get to know the members, and are coachable it will change your life in ways you never thought were possible. 

Julia Barndt
How and when did you start CrossFitting? 
Since April 2012. My SIL got my brother interested in starting CF with her, and I thought that the barbell lifting they described just sounded so badass. And much more useful than the stuff I was doing at the time. So I plucked up the courage to find a local gym; even though everything else they described doing sounded absolutely insane ha. 
How long you've been at CrossFit Apex? 

The whole time. I did look at one other nearby box, but having visited Apex beforehand there was no comparison.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at 5, work in Plymouth Meeting from 7 to 3 as an Associate Editor, and now am at the gym at some point almost every night between WODs and Barbell. Otherwise I'm cooking, reading, or working on whatever silly projects I've tacked onto my endless Do This list ha.

Favorite lift or exercise:

Anything involving a snatch grip.

Least favorite lift or exercise:

If bear crawls, mountain climbers, and SDLHPs disappeared forever that wouldn't be upsetting...

Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): 

I still think it's pretty amazing that I've pulled such a large 180 since graduating college and now actually enjoy working out constantly seeking out new ways to be active. I spent many many years growing up content with just reading books while eating Little Debbie products haha.
What are some of your future goals?
One day I'd like to have my max squat clean surpass my max power clean. I will also probably be spending the rest of my life trying to improve my lungs and Endurance capacity.
Favorite Apex memory: 
One of my favorites was going up to the Tannersville Outlets for a charity WOD. I was only about 8mo in and it was neat to represent the box, workout inside of a Reebok store, and count reps for Tanya :)
If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of advice you would give them on their first day?

Don't write off your best efforts because of someone else's - comparison is the thief of joy. And go to different class times when you can! It's my favorite way to meet more of the people who come here and learn from different coaches.

Rob Cummons
How and when did you start CrossFitting? 
I have been a "CrossFitter" for a little over 3 years.  I did a drop in at a local box and then decided to give Apex a try after doing a Spartan Race..
How long you've been at CrossFit Apex? 
I have been at Apex for over 3 years. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day has me getting my morning started with the Roosters at Apex, heading to work in King of Prussia and hopefully saving some time for family in the evenings.
Favorite lift or exercise: 
Overhead Squats
Least favorite lift or exercise:
I would put Dead Lifts on my list as my least favorite. It is something I plan to change over the next 90 days.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  
My girls Madison and Sydney.  Nothing more rewarding than watching them grow whether it is in school, activities or life in general.
What are some of your future goals?
My biggest future goal is to stick with this for the long haul.  I'd love to say get a muscle up and master double-unders but it is really as simple as being able to stay fit for the long term.  There is something to be said for being able to deal with a truck load of mulch or spending a week skiing with your kids and still feeling like a million bucks the next day.
Favorite Apex memory:   
So many memories... Great times at various in house and external competitions, great times hanging with the Apex gang post WOD's, being sent to run in downpours, hearing the Rooster greet us on the cold dark morning runs, watching Jon Hwang get attacked by a duck on Hagey Road... There are too many to pick just one.
If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of advice you would give them on their first day?
Advice I often give is to give your body time to adjust as you get started and stay consistent.  I also remind newbies that no matter how long you do this, if you do 100 of anything, you are going to feel it the next day.

Name: Megan Flower
How and when did you start CrossFitting?
I was introduced to Crossfit in late 2009.  I was extremely bored with my workout routine (which was zero weights and HOURS of cardio) and decided to hire a personal trainer.  He had just discovered Crossfit and showed me the website and asked if I was interested in giving the workouts a try.  I fearfully agreed and he guided me through the main site workouts two times a week.  I was immediately hooked and loved the challenge and variety.  The gym shortly thereafter certified a few more trainers started their own box.
How long you've been at CrossFit Apex?
I joined Apex in March of 2013.  By this time I had been a member of few other boxes and was not 100% satisfied with the level of coaching and programming.  I did some research on boxes in the area and decided to give Apex a try.  Although Apex was a little further drive for me (30 minutes), once I got to see the difference in the quality of coaching and overall atmosphere (the members are pretty great too), I was hooked. 
What does a typical day look like for you?
I am very fortunate to work from home for a company based in California.  This means that my work day doesn’t start until 11am allowing me to attend the 9am Apex class most days of the week.  Since I don’t have a work commute, I am perfectly happy having an exercise commute.  It also gives me daily scheduled time outside of the house that puts me in the right mindset for the rest of my day at my home office.
Favorite lift or exercise:
I love double unders, except for when I miss and whip the heck out of myself.  The fear of pain is motivation to never ever miss ever.  Plus I have lucky Double Under shoes.  Really, they are magical
Least favorite lift or exercise:
Has anyone ever answered anything other than the Snatch for this question?  Seriously, that lift is ridiculous.  I have mastered snatches using a PVC pipe, but add 5 pounds and it suddenly feels like I am attempting to snatch an eighteen wheeler.  I even took a snatch workshop with Casey and Natalie Burgener several years ago.  You may have noticed that it didn’t help.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): 
After I tore my bicep and labrum in 2013 (thank you snatches) and was sidelined for almost a full year, I was never certain (nor was my doc) if Crossfit was in the cards for me going forward.  My recovery was a very long process and I was very conservative since my fear of re-injury was overwhelming at times.  I am so grateful that every single coach at Apex was SO patient with me and provided me with modifications for pretty much every single WOD every single day (even I was annoyed with myself!).  Now I make it through most workouts without thinking about my shoulder at all.  My lifts aren’t as strong as they once were and I am barely getting my pullups back, but that is fine with me.  I am pretty fully functional again and feel great.  I am proud of myself for not giving up.
What are some of your future goals?
Longevity.  I would like to earn the title of world’s oldest Crossfitter (no, I am not THAT old yet, hopefully a very long time from now).  This is not a sprint for me, this is my lifetime marathon.  I may not be the strongest one out there, or the fastest (darn you Janine Bailey), but I will show up and try my best every day
Favorite Apex memory:  
My absolute favorite memory at Apex was the time that I absolutely crushed Janine Bailey’s WOD time.  Oh wait, you want something that ACTUALLY happened?  Yeah, that never did…not even close! 
If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of advice you would give them on their first day?
Compete with yourself.  Be better than who you were yesterday and you will be very happy and successful in Crossfit.  Don’t let your ego get in the way and learn to have fun.  It’s not easy physically, but the trainers and members at Apex make it an easy choice for me to get in my car and make that 30 minute drive!

Name: Matt Heacock
How and when did you start CrossFitting? 3 and a half years ago a friend told me about Apex, and I haven't left since.
How long you've been at CrossFit Apex? 3 and a half years
What does a typical day look like for you? I am carpenter so through out the day my job varies. My typical day is either at the gym by 5am to get a workout in before work or heading into the gym after work and pretty much just going to sleep after that.
Favorite lift or exercise: My favorite lift changes. Right now I would say a split jerk.
Least favorite lift or exercise: Thrusters.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): My biggest accomplishment in Crossfit is probably getting the hang of handstand walks
What are some of your future goals? A major goal/accomplishment for me would be getting a muscle up.
Favorite Apex memory: As of now I think the Burden March. I had never done anything like that before. I had a great time doing it. Makes me want to sign up for a 5k.
If a new member came into your class, what is one piece of advice you would give them on their first day? Stick with it, the first month is the hardest. 

Lisa Kehrle

46 years old – Born in Lansdale, PA

Mom, Wife, Special Education Instructional Assistant for Souderton School District

How and when did you start CrossFitting?   I started CrossFitting in my garage about 5 years ago with my husband, Mike, but not regularly until I joined APEX

How long you've been at CrossFit Apex?  16 months.

Favorite lift or exercise: Deadlifts, Clean & Jerk, and most Hero WOD’s

 Least favorite lift or exercise:  Snatches and Thrusters

 Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):   Biggest accomplishment outside of CrossFit would be my kids, Rachel and Sam, watching them during their WOD’s and how they interact with everyone, makes me proud every day.  Inside of CrossFit, would have be to completing my first Open (Scaled), Double Unders, and competing in Bar Wars (that was completely out of my comfort zone).

What are some of your future goals?  Goals for the future pull-ups (where I don’t look like I’m riding a bike), and I would like to clean 100lbs.   

Favorite Apex memory:    There are so many great memories from this past year it’s hard for me to pick just one.  Bar Wars (signed up for that and really had no idea what I was doing), Barbell Club, Swim WOD’s, Burden March, Josh telling me I will get DU’s tonight and with that said, I did it.  Competing against my daughter, Rachel, in the Twelve Days of Christmas WOD and her beating me by 3 seconds (Coach Erica gave her bragging rights for the day). 

Name: Byron Gorcey
Age:    32                    Place of Birth:  Maine
Career:  Risk Analyst
Fun fact about yourself:  At my former employer, I was the four-time consecutive wing eating 
champion. Not Paleo, I know… LOL. Funnier is that it was a speed eating contest… AMWAP 
(as many wings as possible) in 3 minutes. 
How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   15 months
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  15 months
Favorite WOD: I like Partner and Team WOD’s. Also, Double Grace was fun especially the way 
we set it up with the Roosters… even though Clayton and Todd will tell you I was somewhere in 
outer space that morning… 
Least favorite WOD: Thrusters or Running or a combination of the two… coincidently, the WOD 
the day I wrote this was Running Wild… 
Favorite lift or exercise: Clean & Jerk, Box Jumps, “most” bodyweight movements, and recently 
the alternative strength stuff is fun… 
Least favorite lift or exercise: Lunges, Thrusters, Running, Pistols, Burpees… Lunges, 
Thrusters, Running, Pistols, Burpees… Lunges, Thrusters, Running, Pistols, Burpees… repeat.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  I feel like these are more milestones… OUT of 
CrossFit: My three beautiful and rambunctious children and completing my Master’s degree… 
IN CrossFit: Getting my wife to join , Completing my first Open this year, Ring Muscle Ups and 
Double Under’s… Handstand walks and Pistols are next… 
CrossFit goal:  Increasing endurance so, I don’t hit a wall during the WOD’s that seem to 
exceed 20 minutes for me… like Chippers. Also, I really want to learn to enjoy running so, it 
makes me better versus anchoring me down during WOD’s. 
 Favorite APEX memory:  There have been many awesome mornings with the Rooster Crew. 
I’ve had some great workouts with the night crew also… But, I have a couple memories that I 
can’t rank above each other… First, my wife busting her lip during the first open workout from 
pushing the limits on herself and then shrugging off any embarrassment and coming right back 
the following class and kicking my butt in a WOD… The other memory was walking into my 6 
year old son eating it on a run where he was trying to keep with the older boys, heart pumping 
out of his chest, he fought back tears, wiped away the blood, grabbed a band aid and powered 
through the rest of kids class… these are my favorite memories because they’re inspirational 
and they remind me to suck it up…

Name:  Missy Cartwright
 Age:   32                     Place of Birth:  Medford, Oregon
Career:  Health and Physical Education Teacher
 Fun fact about yourself:  I have a twin sister.
 How long you’ve been CrossFitting:  3 years 
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  3 years
 Favorite WOD: Any partner/team WOD. I also love the atmosphere of hero and fundraiser WOD's, as well as the OPEN!
 Least favorite WOD: Crossfit Open 15.2, repeat of 14.2. I dislike overhead squats and both years (although I had a slight improvement) this WOD was a defeating one.
 Favorite lift or exercise: Power Cleans
 Least favorite lift or exercise: Overhead Squats
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  Winning 1st place in my first two competitions outside of Apex. They were a team and a partner competition. Thank you to my awesome teammates! Emoji
 CrossFit goal:  I have hit numerous goals since starting crossfit. Double unders, butterfly pull-ups, and handstand pushup to name a few. However, I would love to get a muscle up!
 Favorite APEX memory:  I can’t pin point one particular memory above all the rest. There have been so many moments that have brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. My family and I are stronger physically, mentally and emotional because of the APEX family! Thank you all!
However, I particularly enjoy watching and being a part of the true grit and grind of the Open. It creates an environment that leads to so many successes.

Name: Sameer Patel
 Age: 18                      Place of Birth: London, England 
 Career:  I will be attending Penn State University (Main Campus) this upcoming year.
 Fun fact about yourself:  I have British, African, Indian, and American descent! 
 How long you’ve been CrossFitting: 2.5 years
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex: 2.5 years 
 Favorite WOD: Anything with stuff on the rig and squatting with a barbell.
 Least favorite WOD: I strongly dislike tabata workouts and anything that has rowing and wall balls.
 Favorite lift or exercise: Pull-ups, c2b, ttb, muscle ups. I also like heavy lifts more often now.
 Least favorite lift or exercise: Rowing and wall balls!
 Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  One of the coolest things that happened was when I joined the competitor’s class. I started CrossFit as a way to enhance my performance on the soccer pitch or basketball court but it ended up becoming a core component of my everyday life. I have become stronger and fitter than ever before. My biggest accomplishments are getting double-unders, butterfly pull-ups, hspu’s and muscle ups. I also started CrossFit with a 145# front squat and 125# clean and I just recently hit 285# and 245# respectively.
 CrossFit goal:  I would love to reach that point where I know I can do all WODs as prescribed efficiently and for a competitive time.
 Favorite APEX memory:  There are so many good ones. The culture and vibe at the box is amazing. But I think the Friday night lights last year are definitely the most ingrained memories I have from APEX. I loved being in that positive and competitive atmosphere with everyone being so encouraging and giving it all they had!
*I am sad to be moving onto college next year without being able to come to the box everyday after school. It hard to imagine life without Crossfit and I intend to keep it up during my college years.  I will not forget all the amazing coaches and athletes we have here and I look forward to being back with my APEX family during the college vacations! I am blessed to have had such an influential and supportive group of people these past few years of my life.*

Name:  Rachel Irvin
Age:      40                  Place of Birth:  Sellersville, PA
Career:  Technology Teacher
Fun fact about yourself:  I love spiders and bats and go out of way to protect them. They are really just misunderstood creatures. 
How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   2.5 year
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  2.5 years 
Favorite WOD: anything that's a chipper 
Least favorite WOD: anything with a partner carry 
Favorite lift or exercise: I love the Snatch, with the Clean and Jerk in a close second.
Least favorite lift or exercise: Pull-ups or pretty much anything on the rig.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  At Apex: Being BoxJump Crash-free for 11 months!  
CrossFit goal:  When I started at Apex, I despised running, could not jumprope and felt like Crossfit was definitely not for me.  But as I kept coming back and kept doing the work, amazingly things changed.  Now I enjoy running for fun, I have done one double under and I love being challenged each time I come to class to try and do better than yesterday.  My goal is to face one of my biggest fears: climbing the rope and work on of my biggest weakness: pull ups. 
Favorite APEX memory:  There are so many great memories at Apex, it's hard to pick just one. Some are funny and some are good milestone reminders or WODS hard fought.  There is one memory that stands out in my mind when I'm struggling to accomplish something: We had recently moved into the Forman Rd space. We were doing power cleans in the WOD. Wags was coaching and Zimnock was assisting. I was struggling with 45# on my bar and was near tears when Wags told Zimnock to bring me a lighter bar. I finished the workout but felt defeated. Recently, I've used 65# in WODS with cleans.  My one rep max is 100#. I like that memory of struggle and defeat because it shines a light on just how far I've come. Great coaching and all the positive support from other Apexers makes me keep coming back wanting to be better than yesterday. 

 I am 36 years old. 
I was born in Abington, Pa.
 I am self employed. I own a business. 
A fun fact about myself is that I can speak 3 languages fluently. 
I have been crossfitting for 2 years. I have been at Apex for 2 years as well. 
My favorite wod is Cindy.
 Least favorite wod is Bergeron Beep Test.
 My favorite exercise is any body weight movements.
 My least favorite lift is the squat snatch. 
By far my biggest accomplishment in life is quitting smoking after 15  years. I was never the type to work out or even care about my body when I was younger. Only athletic thing I did was being on the track team between 7th and 10th grade. I started smoking at an early age of 16.  Continued to smoke through out my college years and most of my adulthood. My biggest wake up call came when I lost my father to pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. Most people associate lung cancer to smoking which is true, but the number one leading cause of pancreatic cancer is smoking. My father was a smoker for over 30 years. Growing up as a little kid, I always remembered my father having a cigarette in his mouth. The day I attended my fathers funeral was the last time I had a cigarette. Haven't touched one ever since. I tried countless amount of times to quit smoking but failed. Through this experience I have learned that failing is ok. It's not the end of the world if you fail. The most important thing is to never give up trying. I think this mentality and the battle I went through to quit smoking for all those years carries over to crossfit. I have failed many lifts. I have gotten a slower time on a repeat wod. I have battled to be good at double unders for 2 years and counting. But I keep fighting for the lifts I missed. I keep battling to be good at double unders. And I will never stop trying to beat my wod time from the previous time. This is why I love crossfit and it has become my life. Crossfit will continue to make me stronger, faster, and mentally tougher. 
My favorite Apex memory is obviously during the Open. I can't narrow it down to just one moment because there's so many favorite memories I have of the Open at Apex. Seeing our athletes attempt a weight that they have never tried before is amazing to watch. Not to just stick that lift just one time, but over and over again during the wod. Absolutely love seeing each person push their body to its limits.

Name: Kim Doyle

 Age: 42                       Place of Birth: Abington, PA 

Career: Promotion and advertising regulatory reviewer for Merck

 Fun fact about yourself: I met my husband working as a cashier at a supermarket 25 years ago.  We dated long-distance for 5 years (before cell phones and email were readily available!) while I was getting my pharmacy degree at Purdue in Indiana.  We have been married for 19+ years now.  

How long you’ve been CrossFitting: ~ 1 year  

How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex: 9 months

Favorite WOD: A chipper that involves running

Least favorite WOD: Any WOD with OHS

Favorite lift or exercise: Clean and Jerks

Least favorite lift or exercise: Box jumps (have bit the box twice and have nice scars as mementos)

Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):Completing two marathons  

CrossFit goal: I look forward to the day when I can do pull-ups without a band.  Graduating from my single-single-double and linking DUs would be awesome too.

Favorite APEX memory: My fellow Roosters know that I’m not the fastest or strongest of the bunch (yet!).  Clayton has told me that I need to find “my second gear”, which is definitely the case. J Well, I found it recently when he paired me up with Nikki during the partner WOD Tight Squeeze on Jan 22nd.  We Rx’d the WOD and were the top-placing Roosters.

I always enjoy when Lou sends off the Roosters with his “be productive and kind” tag line.    

Name: Mark Bailey
 Age:  48                      Place of Birth:  Meadville, PA
 Career:  Regional Business Director – Baxter, Inc.
 Fun fact about yourself:  Most people seem surprised when they find out I’m a huge country music fan.  I hid this fact for years but now I’m loud and proud.
 How long you’ve been CrossFitting: Just over a year.  I had always been an avid runner and had run in many races including half-marathons over the years.  My wife said she wanted to try Crossfit and I had the usual reaction of;  “those people are crazy”.  Turns out I’m crazy too.   
  How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  Just over a year.
 Favorite WOD: Any Hero WOD. I really respect anyone who has served and it is the added motivation for me to push extra hard.  Also, any WOD that includes running or rowing.  I feel that those are the only two movements that benefit the taller folks among us.  Everything else seems to be a challenge for anyone with long arms or legs; especially me. 
 Least favorite WOD: This is a challenging question.  I referenced the MyWOD app to review my notes to see which one rose to the level of least favorite.  Turns out many of my notes included phrases like “really sucked”, “not good” and “go lighter next time”.  If I had to choose just one I would choose “Pinchers of Power”.  Carrying that plate with my fingertips rendered my hands useless for several days.
 Favorite lift or exercise: DU’s.  One year ago I had never even heard of a double under.  I struggled for months only to string 2-3 together.  However, it was the one exercise I knew I could practice at home and I got a lot better.  I can now go about 50 unbroken.  Oddly enough, I now struggle at singles.
  Least favorite lift or exercise: OHS.  This is my kryptonite.  I spent the first 9 months at Apex using PVC and doing that poorly.  Finally, with some practice and great coaching I graduated to an actual bar with plates on it.  I want to thank all of the coaches but especially Jane, Angie and Tanya for sticking with me while I figured it out.
 Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  Finding and marrying the right woman 25 years ago.  Raising 4 healthy and happy kids while staying relatively sane. 
CrossFit goal:  Continue to make progress and remain consistent.  I do some travel with work and I’d like to check out boxes in other cities.
 Favorite APEX memory:  I have two memories at Apex that stand out.  The first is Murph. The atmosphere and energy that day was amazing.  It was great to be part of such a great day and see Apex at it’s best.
The second is staying late to cheer on Tony Taylor as he finished a CrossFit Games WOD.  I ended up missing a conference call that morning but it was well worth it.  Tony grinded it out till the end and convinced me to enter the next Games.  Finally, I have the luxury of going to Apex with my wife on many days. CrossFit has become such an important and significant part of our lives and who we are.  We feel lucky to have found such great people at Apex.   

Name:  Chris Nenstiel 
 Age:  36                     Place of Birth:  Hazleton, PA 
 Career:  Health/Physical Education teacher 
 Fun fact about yourself:  I am a huge nerd - I love to read and learn about anything and everything.  Except math. I suck at that.  
 How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   2 years
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  2 years 
 Favorite WOD: Run N' Gun or Mucho Snatch... most team WODs 
 Least favorite WOD: 14.5 - 26 minutes of personal hell. It's the only time I have almost thrown up during a WOD. 
 Favorite lift or exercise: Deadlift, Clean, Snatch  
 Least favorite lift or exercise: OHS, Thrusters  
 Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): Growing a human... more commonly referred to as becoming a mom. It is the coolest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.  
CrossFit goal:  My overall goal is to continue to grow mentally and physically through hard work and being part of an awesome community. Because of that, I want to continue getting myself out there in a variety of competition settings.  I'm not much for individual comps but I love team competition and working that hard alongside good friends is just incredible. 
Favorite APEX memory:
  There is no way I can even begin to recount all of the awesome memories made over the past two years or all of the people involved in them. What I can say is that when I walked in the door two years ago, I had no idea what I was about to become a part of.  I now have a huge extended family that works hard, plays hard, and loves hard.  The love and support that my family and I received during my mom's passing and the following days, weeks and months has been incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough for that. 

It is incredibly rewarding to be part of an environment that celebrates strong, healthy individuals. This is SO important for the little ones in our lives that are welcome to be there, playing, working out and cheering others on. We are giving them confidence, strength and positive role models to emulate.  

Tony Taylor

Age: 45           Place of Birth:  Wilmington NC

Career:  Pastor Faith Church of Worcester

 Fun fact about yourself: 

I'M an Eagle Scout and President Ronald Reagan signed my Eagle Scout Card

How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   1 year

How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  1 year

Favorite WOD:

14.5 was my favorite and the most challenging - I wanted to quit but everyone in 9AM was encouraging me to keep going and it was awesome

Least favorite WOD:

Anything with wall balls or overhead squats

Favorite lift or exercise:

Partner WOD's and Chipper WOD's

Least favorite lift or exercise:

 Anything with wall balls or overhead squats

Biggest accomplishment:

Doing the 2014 Open

CrossFit goal: 

Ultimate goal is to be able to do all the CrossFit movements and do WOD's Rx

Favorite APEX memory: 

I have two favorite CrossFit memories

1. In my fundamentals training after just three minutes of box jumps and push-ups, as I was gasping for air, I looked at Angie and said I thought I was in shape. And she smiled and said there's a difference between being in shape and being CrossFit

2. I came to a night WOD and Josh told me to go online and sign up for the Open

I said, “I have only been CrossFitting a few months”

Josh said, "You will be fine"

I thought, ok, it would be scaled for my age (nope not scaled)

I came to the first Open WOD and realized I had to do them all Rx – I was terrified that I would fail and embarrass myself but it did nothing but challenge me and make me want more

I’m so happy I did it and can't wait to see my improvement in the 2015 Open

Name: Tracie Spangler
 Age: 30                        Place of Birth:  Lancaster, PA
 Career:  Biochemical Engineer
 Fun fact about yourself:  I love to snowboard! 
 How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   10 months
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  10 months
Favorite WOD: Anything that's a chipper like Angie
Least favorite WOD: 14.5- burpees and thrusters of death
Favorite lift or exercise:  handstand pushups and clean & jerks
Least favorite lift or exercise: Sumo deadlift high pulls. And running, i hate running.
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):  My biggest accomplishment inside crossfit so far has been getting to the point where I'm probably the strongest I've ever been. I was a gymnast and pole valuter in high school so I was in really good shape and I lifted- but I've recently surpassed my high school bench press and clean and jerk PRs. Yay crossfit!
CrossFit goal: I really want a muscle up, that would be awesome.
Favorite APEX memory:  I've had so many great memories at Apex that it really is hard to pick just one. Friday night lights in general, and 14.5 in particular, was awesome. That WOD was one of the hardest I've ever done, but the atmosphere was so inspiring and invigorating that i'll definitely hold that memory with me for awhile. Nothing like a giant crowd of screaming people to help you through such a rough WOD, it was spectacular to know that everyone had all that support and everyone would finish, no matter what.
Name: Austin McVaugh 
Age: 20                       
Place of Birth: Hilltown, PA  
Fun fact about yourself: I have accumulated a few nicknames at Apex; Young Austin, McLovin, Rain Man. 
How long you’ve been CrossFitting: Since September of 2010
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex: Since September of 2010   
Favorite WOD: My favorite WOD is either Nancy or Kelly.
Least favorite WOD: I really don’t like Randy or the Filthy Fifty.
Favorite lift or exercise: Box jumps and clean & jerks Least favorite lift or exercise: Pushups, they’re one of my biggest weaknesses. 
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):
One of my biggest accomplishments inside of CrossFit was in my first ever competition outside of Apex.  It was a partner competition at CrossFit 215.  LaRynn and I placed 2nd overall and it was a blast! Another huge accomplishmentthat was recent was qualifying for the finals in the SteelFit Championships at Jenks beach.  Last month a bunch of Apex athletes competed in the Morristown qualifier for the SteelFit championships.  The top 8 from the Men’s Rx advance to the finals and I placed 7th overall. The finals are right on the beach on June 21st and everyone should come down to watch all the Apex members that qualified! 
CrossFit goal: My goal is to place in the top 250 in the Open next year in the Mid-Atlantic and help team Apex make Regionals. Favorite APEX memory: This is very tough to say, considering I have so many great memories at Apex! Competing in the Open and throwing down on Friday night lights is a great time and all the different parties Apex has held are always fun.  One of my favorite memories was at the Apex Christmas party in 2012 when I got my first ever muscle up! It was an awesome feeling, everyone was cheering and I think Bus even picked me up in his elf costume!  Apex has changed my life ever since I began when I was 16 and never thought I’d be doing the things I am doing right now.  I have made so many close friends at Apex and the community we have here is unbelievable and I am truly blessed to be a part of it.

Name: Sarah Thanel
Age: 40                        Place of Birth:  Boston, MA
Career:  Medical Mattress Company Owner
Fun fact about yourself:  I sang with a country western band from age 7-14. We sang for president Reagan and toured all over the country.
How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   2.5 years
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex:  2.5 years
Favorite WOD: Any partner or team WOD
Least favorite WOD: Filthy 50 
Favorite lift or exercise: Power Cleans and DU's
Least favorite lift or exercise: HSPU's & Benchpress
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): 
Getting my first pull-up was a huge accomplishment for me. Participating in the Apex Barbell club and Crossfit Open also have pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to become more confident in my game.
CrossFit goal:  Cycle HSPU's. All who know me are aware of how I feel about Pike box HSPU's. Also to PR my squat snatch in ABC.
Best Apex memory: Recently when we found out Tanya was pregnant with a little girl. It's so cool to see our trainers build their beautiful families. I'm greatful to be part of the ride!

Name: Rich Heverly
Age: 33 Place of Birth: Riegelsville, Pa
Career: System operator at Chalfont New Britain waste water treatment facility
Fun fact about yourself: Learned how to ride a motorcycle before a bicycle(3yrs old)
How long you’ve been CrossFitting: 1 year
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex: 1 year
Favorite WOD: Grace or Isabel
Least favorite WOD: Anything with deadlifts and box jumps
Favorite lift or exercise: Even though I have a very hard time completing the squat snatch it is still my favorite move.
Least favorite lift or exercise: Double unders. So frustrating!
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit): Definitely getting my first muscle up. It took forever but what a feeling you get up there for the first time.
Favorite APEX memory: It's hard to pick just one but completing my first open is definitely up there. Also, the seven weeks in barbell club was a great experience. Coach Bussom made all of us better lifters. Now when I see a barbell move in a wod I definitely know that I will be more efficient with my lifts.
Name: Michelle Fluck
Age:   38                     Place of Birth:  Abington, PA
Career: Accounting/Admin 
Fun fact about yourself: Met my husband when I was in 9th grade. I snuck out of my friends house so we could go to a party.  
How long you’ve been CrossFitting:   2 yrs
How long you've been CrossFitting at Apex: 2 yrs 
Favorite WOD: Team/partner WOD's.
Least favorite WOD:  I really don't have a least favorite.  There are some moves I dislike but I usually come no matter what regardless of the WOD.
Favorite lift or exercise: Deadlift
Least favorite lift or exercise: Thruster's
Biggest accomplishment (In or out of CrossFit):
By far my two boys (Dylan 12, Wyatt 9).  Couldn't imagine life without them.  In crossfit I have to say when I did my first competition in June 2013 at Apex.  It was great to also do this comp with my son, which was his first too. Great experience great people!  I have done so many "first" since I started crossfit and have done things that I never thought I would do. 
CrossFit goal:  To build up my strength in my shoulders and back.  Would like to string double unders.
Favorite APEX memory:  So many great times with so many great people. If I had to name one it would be the 2013 Christmas party! Nothing stops us from parting not even a snow storm!