Apex Barbell Club (ABC)

The Apex Barbell Club (ABC) is a USA Weightlifting sanctioned club at CrossFit Apex. The club provides an opportunity for athletes to focus on improving their technique and strength of the Olympic lifts, specifically, the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and their variations. The ABC is for any individual that would like to focus on weightlifting as a part of their training while greatly improving their strength and lean muscle mass. Keith Bussom, USA Weightlifting Coach, will be coaching all sessions and writing the programming for ABC athletes. The training program will follow 7/8-week cycles. Athletes must join the 7/8-week cycle from the start- no late entries allowed. Typical training days will run for approximately 1.5 hours in length and involve 3-4 lifts. This class is open to all members and the public. All ability, fitness and experience levels are welcome, but the class may be capped.

Athletes will learn the movements in detail, incorporate drills for each lift, and giving an opportunity to analyze their technique on video to help get a better sense of what’s going right, what’s going wrong and how their mechanics can be improved to maximize their lifts.

Weightlifting is NOT dangerous, it does NOT make women bulky and manly-looking, it is NOT a group of “meat-heads” here, and it is NOT required to lift heavy!

Come prepare for the next Apex Bar Wars an Olympic Lifting Competition maxing on the snatch and clean and jerk.

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The Next Apex Barbell Club will meet on the following days and times:


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Apex Members $180

Non-Apex Members $220