Mind Body

We are now in the process of having full electronic memberships that you can access by computer or app to sign in for class and buy a new membership all with a click of a button. Thank you for your patience in this transition, we know it will all be much more convenient for you once it's in place! For now, please continue to sign your membership cards as usual until we roll out the next phase with credit card and auto payments. We're hoping to have everyone signing into classes by Monday Sept. 7th so we can move to the next step.
 Please follow the steps below in this order to access and update your account through MINDBODY. 
1. Go to www.mindbodyonline.com
2. Click "Log In" (top right)
3. Search CrossFit Apex, click logo
4. Do NOT create username, click "Continue to site without logging in" 
5. Go to "My Info" tab (top right)
6. Enter your name in the "New to Our Site" search
7. Find your account by clicking your name 
8. Follow directions to reset password using your email
9. Click on the "CrossFit Classes" tab top left to being signing up for your next class!

(Please first access your account and verify your email with the above steps to avoid creating a duplicate account with this app)
 Download MINDBODY Connect. You can use this app to schedule your classes at Apex, update your profile and make payments.
Smart link: http://mndbdy.ly