Angie Nice

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Well, unlike my fellow trainers I did NOT grow up playing sports or loving physical activity. Growing up I held my place as the musician of the family and even went on to major in it in college. Although my brother and sister (Tanya :-)) were good at sports it didn't seem that I had inherited that gene. Not only were sports not my thing, but I also always thought exercise and working out were a boring waste of time that yielded little to no results. However, a few years after the birth of my third son I was still overweight and tired of being unhappy with myself. I needed to do something but just didn't know what. Tanya and Josh had recently found CrossFit and talked me into just “trying” it with them. I was desperate, so I agreed. That first early morning in the park we hit Nancy as the WOD, and I did my OHS with a stick. I lived through it, and then continued to try new WODs day after day even though I could barely do any of it initially. I stuck with it though because there was something very intriguing about CrossFit with all the variety and challenge and goals to be met. Little by little I could see my strength increasing and things changing, and I was getting measurable results. It didn't take long to become hooked! I think CrossFit should come with a warning label because it has this crazy way of being very addicting! I had started this journey as a exercise-hating, de-conditioned, uncoordinated mess and then in just two short years I found myself at the CrossFit Games with the Apex Team. It was an unbelievable transformation for me. CrossFit has absolutely changed my life and has become a part of who I am. I'm proud to be a CrossFitter and to be part of the CrossFit Community at large, and most especially the Apex Family. One of the great things about now being a trainer is the opportunity I have to encourage others and share in their achievements and their struggles as they grow with CrossFit. I know what a difference this has made in my life and I'm excited for others to experience the same. I truly understand what it's like to come on-board as a non-athlete and think this CrossFit stuff is something you could never do, but honestly if I could do it, anyone can, and I'll be happy to cheer you on along the way!

2010 CrossFit Games - Central East Regional Champion (1 of 32) Team CrossFit Apex

2010 CrossFit Games - Home Depot Center Carson, CA (27 of 69 ) Team CrossFit Apex

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN 122nd in region (1218th worldwide

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional-George Mason University(16 of 30) Team Apex

2012 CrossFit Games OPEN (201 of 1,191 in region) (2,255 of 14,160 worldwide)

2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals-Landover,MD (21of 29) TEAM CROSSFIT APEX

2014 CrossFit Games OPEN (1,307 of 5596 in region) (23,330 of 70,558 worldwide)

2015 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 1,239 of 7,807 region) (14,856 of 99,369 worldwide)

2016 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 1,765 of 10,007 region) (21,216 of 130,178 worldwide)