Josh Wagner

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I was born September 1981 and I currently a high school health and physical education teacher. I grew up in the local area and graduated from North Penn High School in 2000. I have a Bachelors of Science from West Chester University where I was also a four year member - junior and senior captain of the Division II baseball program from 2001-2004. In the summer of 2008 I completed my Masters Degree in Education from Wilkes University.

I have always had a great passion for fitness whether it was weight training or sports. Throughout high school I had participated in Football, Wrestling, Basketball and Baseball. I love helping others develop the love for health and wellness especially teenagers and adults. As I have developed as a coach and teacher over the last 10 years I continue to love teaching more and more each year. The impact of teaching teenagers as well as middle aged men and women is priceless. Being able to watch the confidence and physical gains of each individual is truly amazing. Since I've found CrossFit in 2008 I have loved the physical and mental challenges I've experienced along the way. I now look back at the hours spent in the gym and can't believe the amount of potential I was wasting. I am more fit now in my 30's than I was in my collegiate athletic 20's. Training new crossfitters is always a great joy. Once you get your feet wet with CrossFit there is No turning back. I PROMISE. My am so grateful to be able to be living my passion through teaching Health and PE as well as coaching at my own gym. I am also a blessed father of two wonderful children that I can't wait to see every morning I awake. AJ Rustin and Kenzie Piper.

In 2013, I experienced an injury, something I fortunately never had to deal with through my collegiate athletic career. This injury changed my life in many ways. I've become a better trainer taking focus from myself and realizing how much I can help to encourage and coach others. My purpose for coaching has been significantly magnified going through this set back. Secondly I have become more understanding and able to give better advice to those that deal with minor and major injuries and surgery's. My purpose to be a coach has been made even more clear. Come experience your potential. I triple doggy dare you.

2008 CrossFit Games Aromas, CA 46th place Overall (46 of 196)

2009 CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Qualifiers 3rd place ( 3 out of 101)

2009 CrossFit Games 40th place Overall (40 of 74) 2009 PROFILE

2010 CrossFit Games Central East Regional 1st Place (1 of 32) TEAM CROSSFIT APEX

2010 CrossFit Games - HOME DEPOT CENTER Carson, CA (27 of 69 ) TEAM CROSSFIT APEX

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN (13 of 1,500 in region) (77 of 9,000 worldwide)

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games- Mid Atlantic Regionals George Mason University (8 of 30)

2012 CrossFit Games OPEN (4 of 2,051 in region) (38 of 25,020 worldwide)

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional (9 of 43) Landover, MD

2014 CrossFit Games OPEN (16 of 8,126 in region) (250 of 110,142 worldwide)

2014 Reebok CrossFit Games -Mid Atlantic Regional (17 of 47) Fairfax, VA

2015 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 96 of 10,773 region) (1,265 of 153,000 worldwide)

2016 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 45 of 12,075 region) (664 of 178,535 worldwide)

2016 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional (23 of 30) CROSSFIT APEX Atlanta, GA

2017 CrossFit Games OPEN (95 out of 40,389 masters 35-39 worldwide) (1,591 out of 214,535 worldwide)

2017 Wodapalooza 27th overall in Master's 35-39

2018 CrossFit Games OPEN (182 out of 44,661 masters 35-39 worldwide)

2019 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 254 out of 37524 masters 35-39 worldwide)

2020 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 114 out of 25,686 masters 35-39 worldwide)