Ryan Price

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I am a 2015 graduate of Souderton Area High School.  Growing up, my life has always revolved around sport. When I was younger, that was about outdoorsy sports like hunting and fishing.  As I aged and became more competitive through middle school/early high school that focus on sport was centered on baseball, basketball and track & field.  Halfway through my high school career, I got cut from the baseball team and it opened my eyes to CrossFit.  

I was always into sport and working out, but never had the habits that backed building health and fitness.  It was my junior year of high school where I took Josh’s strength training PE class that opened my eyes and fueled a passion for health and fitness I did not know was there.  From there, I got involved in the incredible community at Apex somewhere around 2014 and immersing this community has changed my life forever.

I went on to Slippery Rock University where I graduated in 2019 with my certificate for teaching Health and Physical Education - which I now teach elementary at Franconia Elementary School.  While in that journey, I found that CrossFit had stoked a fire to be competitive within myself and keep pushing/finding the best version of myself physically, mentally and relationally.

After graduating and starting to teach, I acquired my CF-L1 in 2020 and now am fortunate enough to lead and grow our youth fitness program, as well as coach some Fit and adult classes as needed.  I am so excited that I get to use my passion for health, fitness and CrossFit to help shape our future generations.

People need community and this one is like no other - if you are wondering if you should try it out, you definitely should!