Tanya Wagner

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I was born in March of 1982 and I am an old mommy of 2 who gets to help great people move better for a living. I graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2004 with a bachelors degree in Sport Management. During my 4 years at GSU I played goalkeeper for the women's D1 soccer team. In 2007 I received my Teaching Certification from West Chester University. I taught Health and Physical Education at Quakertown High School for 3 years but now manage CrossFit Apex full time as well as raise my kids full-time. I teach 5 year olds through 85 year olds and still get my dose of the high school kids as well! I've always loved working out, but since starting CrossFit training I can't imagine doing anything else, and doubt I ever will. Anything else would feel like a waste of my time, waste of my potential and waste of my inner drive. Our community at Apex is amazing and our workouts will leave you physically exhausted and mentally stronger for the next time. This is the most addicting training program around. The best part about it is it works. It makes an overall fitter you, and your everyday life physically will be easier. Once you start it will change your life...that's a promise!

2008 CrossFit Games 2nd place Overall (2 of 91)

2009 CrossFit Games Champion (1 of 75) WORLDS FITTEST FEMALE

2010 CrossFit Games - Central East Regional Champion (1 of 32) CROSSFIT APEX

2010 CrossFit Games - HOME DEPOT CENTER Carson, CA (27 of 69 ) CROSSFIT APEX

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN (14 of 1,191 in region) (129 of 14,160 worldwide)

2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Mid-Atlantic Regional (5 of 32) Landover, MD

2013 Reebok CrossFit Games OPEN (4 of 3,888 in region), (76 of 46,516 worldwide)

2014 CrossFit Games OPEN (489 of 5,596 in region) (5,145 of 70,558 worldwide)

2016 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 59 of 10,007 region) (790 of 130,178 worldwide)

2016 CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional (23 of 30) CROSSFIT APEX Atlanta, GA

2017 CrossFit Games OPEN (3,661 out of 28,079 masters 35-39 worldwide)

2018 CrossFit Games OPEN (307 out of 29,733 masters 35-39 worldwide)

2019 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 122 out of 25,972 masters 35-39 worldwide)

2020 CrossFit Games OPEN ( 200 out of 16,983 masters 35-39 worldwide)